Poetics of the wall

History of a metamorphosis and metamorphosis of a history.

A particularity of walls is that they exist less on their own than because of what is standing behind them, the beyond they create, the unknown they open and close ahead us.

What if, instead of getting around these walls, we actually looked at them, took them as objects, exact patterns of the photo and painting, or rather of this new artistic form which is computer-processed “photo-painting”. Jim D rose up to the challenge, with great virtuosity and splendour.

Agne’s Varda suggests it on her film on murals “Mur Murs” (literally “Wall Walls”). The wall murmurs, whispers, prompts words and freeds them. It is, in its roughness and unevenness, the very image of the man and of a history which alternate or superimpose best and worst, overflow and shortage, light and darkness. It sometimes has the purity of extreme youth, the weariness and disarray of old age, something of a sovereign aristocratism or of a plebeian modesty. In brief, it is palimpsest of signifiers. For Jim D, who forbids himself to take as subjects of his works the traditionally expected patterns – objects, portraits, scenery, landscape – always worthy of the photographic or pictorial ambition – the wall is, fundamentally, this something which is not recognised, or which barely is, which does not need any artistic attention. Provided we take its word, scrutinize its grain, hear what it echoes from the world, it expresses the nature and meaning of traces-bruises or richness it kept from its showdowns with events – storms, drought, wars – with humans, animals, vegetation, agrarian work, community links, traditional feasts, intimate feelings.

Without doubt, the wall is an image per se, but this image exceeds the wall delimited by the framing, letting us guess through everything it suggests what is outside the wall itself, a kind of “out of frame”, of which it is both the print and reflection.

Jim D’s work of art is then born from savoir-faire, expressions and quite peculiar imposed looks, turning the wall, or a fragment of wall, into an almost limitless mental landscape, where the outside world melts with the inside one, where the photography of the wall, which by definition tends towards resemblance, metamorphoses into poetic pictures depicting the imaginary of the artist.

Yves MORAUD – Professor Emeritus, University of Western Brittany, Brest


2020 Galerie La Navire, Brest (exposition permanente)

Atelier Navarin, Brest (exposition permanente)

Hôtel Sainte-Barbe, Le Conquet (exposition permanente)

Atelier Navarin, Brest

Restaurant LesTriagoz, Trégastel

Covid Art, exposition organisée par Anath Tordjman Compagnon à Paris

My club Instrenn – Brest

2019 Galerie La Navire, Brest (exposition permanente)

Atelier Navarin, Brest (exposition permanente)

Hôtel Sainte-Barbe, Le Conquet (exposition permanente)

Exposition groupe Gorioux, Brest

Galerie Artyshow, Nantes, bâtiment LU

Mar 2019 Exposition collective à la bibliothèque de St Urbain (avec William Mackendree, Jacques Bosser, Mark Brusse)

Exposition à La boutique solidaire « Madeleine, Fripes et Bidules » du Secours Populaire à Nantes

Oct 2018 Exposition Galerie La Navire

Animation d’un atelier sur les processus de créativité et d’innovation à la cantine numérique sur l’ile de Nantes(Artyshow)

Sep 2018 Animation d’un atelier sur les processus de créativité et d’innovation – Séminaire Crazywize-Avignon
Jul 2018 Exposition Arty-Show – Nantes

Intervention musicale dans l’espace « les moyens du bord » à Morlaix – Poésie sonore

Animation d’un atelier sur les processus de créativité et d’innovation – Séminaire Crazywize-Avignon

2018 Exposition permanente Galerie La Navire.

Exposition permanente Arte Diem

Exposition permanente Galerie Arty-show

Exposition permanente (sur le web) Ernest in Paris

Oct 2017 Galerie La Navire – Paris
Jun 2017 Exposition siège CMB – Rennes
Mar 2017 Illustration de l’édition du printemps des poètes 2017 : « Les Afriques »
2017 Exposition Arte Diem – Morlaix

Exposition galerie Gaïa, Nantes

2016 Exposition Galerie La Navire – Paris

Exposition Arte Diem – Morlaix

Exposition Contre-Quai – Belle Ile en mer

Projet La Maison d’Art – Harlem, New-York

Dec 2015 Exposition au siège de Financo – Brest
Apr 2015 Exposition avec le photographe Benjamin Deroche à la galerie LA NAVIRE – Brest
Jan 2015 Exposition à la galerie du Zebra Square – Paris
Sep 2014 Exposition Helsinki – Finlande

Exposition Maison de la Fontaine – Brest

2012-2013 Exposition permanente à la galerie LA NAVIRE.

Exposition à la maison de la Fontaine-Brest.

2011 Médiathèque des Ursulines – Galerie Max Jacob – Quimper.

Espace culturel – Quimper.

Centre culturel de Morlaix.

2010 Menningarnótt – Nuit de la culture – Reykjavik – Islande.

Alliance Française – Reykjavik – Islande.

CEMO-Parc Naturel Régional d’Armorique- Ile d’Ouessant.

Chapelle Saint-Maudez – Lesneven.

Médiathèque de Saint-Renan.- Saint-Renan.

2009 La Chimère – Molène – Mer d’ Iroise.


My work

These “pictures-paintings” are a mix of colours, materials, sediments which organize walls of metal, concrete, stone. They become, through digital creation, a fresco which juxtaposes drawings, scans and colourisations of these materials.

This work also relates to time: materials’ porosity, faded colours. Thickness, volumes, density create interpretation filters where multiple contents give rise to a graphic project.

These walls work as a skin with a very strong structure and a fragile surface which allows time to engrave its print.

I turned it into a pictorial interpretation: a highlighting of details, of energies. A colourisation of some graphic designs. Images have a function: a proper intentionality in each site.

Every time, an idea, a writing can be found on each wall I could discover and transform.


Work in progress…


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